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Aries Tek offers a wide range of wastewater treatment plant operational services with Licensed Operators in all 50 states. Aries Tek can provide full plant staffing and take care of all aspects of plant operations, or provide Lead Operator oversight for staff, budget, project and compliance management. Our programs offer sign off on DMR’s and all permit required reporting, corrective action planning, and other compliance driven requirements associated with your wastewater permit. Aries Tek can provide operational assistance that will allow you to stay in compliance with all state and federal regulations in a variety of industries such as Food Manufacturing, Industrial Manufacturing, Municipal and Agricultural. Aries Tek can also provide major and maintenance as part of the wastewater treatment plant operation programs.

What Can We Do For You?
  • State-Certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations – Full Time Or Part Time
  • Equipment Maintenance And Repairs
  • Plant Upgrades And Re-Engineering
  • Remote Monitoring And Controls
  • Project Management
  • Permit Renewal And Compliance Support
  • SOP And Maintenance Program Development And Management

Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment & Conservation

Monitoring & Automation

System Design & Engineering

Ice Cream Manufacturer Receives EPA Sustainability Award, Saves $2 Million


  • Increasing Surcharges and a Need to improve sustainability .
  • Facility was paying $1.8 million in pollution surcharges to the city. By-products of the plant were being landfilled


  • Engineering Study was conducted
  • System modification, Opticlear® Automation installed, Chemical Treatment Scheme and by-products used in Anaerobic Digestion as Renewable feedstock to power 400 homes annually.


  • $2M in annual saving from cleaner water and lower operational and chemical costs
  • Company receives EPA Sustainability Award in 2015