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Water Treatment Chemicals

Aries Tek provides a full line of chemicals to treat wastewater, potable water, boilers and cooling systems. Aries Tek supplies flocculants, coagulants and polymers. Water clarification and solids separation is an Aries Tek specialty.

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Water Treatment Equipment

Aries Tek designs water treatment equipment. The Aries Tek equipment list includes dissolved air floatation clarifiers, dry feeders and reverse osmosis systems. Aries Tek automates labor intensive processes using programming and controls (PLC and pH balancing).

Snack Food Manufacturer Saves $400k in Surcharges annually Utilizing


  • Manufacturer was striving for water conservation but losing ground.
  • Plant pretreatment was costing the plant $800k per year in surcharges to the local City utility


  • Conducted an engineering study of water flow and wastewater treatment
  • Operational Procedures, Correct Chemical Treatment Scheme and Opticlear® Automation Installed and System Modifications


  • Surcharges Reduced by $400k, $150k in Labor Savings, 20% cost reduction in chemical usage.
  • Company now able to fund water reduction program with savings from sustained improvements

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Recognized EMS’s Environmental program with their Environmental Stewardship Award (2017) (2018)