Fiscalini Farms produces over 4M KWh in 2019 from two digesters.

Fiscalini Farms Digesters
Fiscalini Farms KWh/Month Chart

Creating over 350,000KWh of energy per month from a 2,200 head dairy farm in Modesto, CA.

Project Scope

  • One of 4 ADs in California with Substrate Permit
  • 1 million gals of CSTR digester capacity
  • 710kw CHP Engine/Genset

  • May 2018 – first digester rebuilt and running

  • September 2018 – second digester up and running
  • December 2018 – implemented Opticlear automation system
  • Removed 8 feet of sand from digester 2

  • Re-engineered receptions system for grit removal

  • Pump Replacement

  • Air and Water Permit Renegotiation

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