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Elutriate Systems and Aries Tek Announce the Merger of their Wastewater Solutions

Elutriate Systems and Aries Tek Announce the Merger of their Wastewater Solutions
Indianapolis, IN, Release: September 24, 2019. For Immediate Release

Elutriate Systems and Aries Tek LLC have announced today the merger of their business operations to offer more robust, turnkey solutions for wastewater clients in wine and brewery industries. This combined offering will now operate as one entity under the Aries Tek brand.

Glenn Wensloff, CEO of Elutriate Systems, will join the Aries Tek team and continue serving clients from Elutriate Systems. “With the expanded resources and diverse expertise that Aries Tek offers,” Glenn states, “clients will at least maintain current levels of service while gaining access to additional opportunities to optimize wastewater system design, monitoring, and operations. I’m very excited by the impact we can make by joining forces.” Elutriate Systems served wineries and food processors for over 20 years by designing, installing and permitting wastewater systems. They also developed a packaged Bio Reactor System that can be added to existing ponding systems.

“With the deep wastewater experience that Elutriate offers within the wine and brewery industry, we are excited to welcome them to the Aries Tek family. Their expertise and client relationships will be a natural fit to expand Aries Tek’s wastewater services,” explains Chris Pierce, CEO of Aries Tek.

Aries Tek has 20 years of history in the wastewater treatment business. We design, manufacture, install, and operate wastewater treatment systems for a wide range of industries including food manufacturing, municipalities, and industrial. Aries Tek has also pioneered the use of modern technology to allow remote monitoring and automation of wastewater systems using our Opticlear system. We have built a national footprint by providing free assessments that offer guaranteed results.

Aries Tek is part of the Solution Group family of brands, providing licensed operators who deliver turnkey solutions across:  wastewater treatment (Aries Tek), monitoring and automation (Opticlear), environmental safety and compliance (Environmental Solutions Management), and renewable energy (Organic Solution Management).

For additional information, or to schedule your free assessment, contact:
Chris Pierce
CEO, Aries Tek

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