Caustic Beads


Formally known as sodium hydroxide, Caustic Beads are small white solid spheres that are soluble in water, methanol, and ethanol. They have a wide variety of applications that include personal care, the petroleum extraction industry, biodiesel production, water treatment, textiles, soap manufacturing, paper making, and hundreds of others. Caustic Beads function not only as an acidity regulator, but also as an alkali. As Caustic Beads become highly corrosive on contact with water, they should be kept in a sealed container at all times to minimize the potential for accidental exposure to water. Cool, dry storage is also required for safe storage and handling.

Download Wastewater Coaguulants & Cleaners Specifications Sheet


Active Ingredients:  Sodium Chloride, Sodium Carbonite, Iron

Appearance:  White beads, Strong corrosion

Odor:  Sweet, Fermented smell

pH Value:  13.5

Solubilities:  1,110 g

Download Wastewater Coaguulants & Cleaners Specifications Sheet

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