Do you know the day-to-day operations of your facility inside and out? If not, you most likely experience frustration from surcharges and not knowing what needs to be done to eliminate risks and reduce labor costs. You might even have an automation system in place, and even if it gives you regular data reports, is the data it provides enough for you to make better decisions, or is it simply a run-of-the-mill dashboard with numbers that are meaningless to you? 

Aries Tek has the solution to your problem – Opticlear®.

What is Opticlear®?

Opticlear® is Aries Tek’s proprietary automation system for real-time, remote monitoring control, utilizing proprietary algorithms that can automatically make adjustments in real-timeThOpticlear® system can provide your company sustainable results, year over year, by giving you the whole story, not just bits and pieces of it.  

Opticlear® does more than collect data; rather, our system collects and communicates the data in a way that you can digest for effective use and decision making. With your facility’s data laid out in the Opticlear® system, you can act on the insights within the data to optimize and improve your operations.  

Daily and Real-time Reporting 

Opticlear® offers email and text alarms, an online report and data portal that provides daily reports, real-time trending of key parameters, raw data and historical data trends that are easy to understand by a broad range of users.

Reports summarize compliance status, product usage, gallons of water treated, cost trending, run time, issues and corrective actions. If there are daily operational lab testing, Opticlear® can automate those data points and incorporate them into daily reporting for a complete snapshot of your systems’ total performance.  

 Opticlear® Benefits 

  • Eliminate surcharges: Predictable operations consistently stay in compliance, helping to greatly reduce or eliminate surcharges 
  • Reduce risk of errors: Make precise digital adjustments to maintain predictable operations 
  • Real-time monitoring: Verify operations remotely, 24/7, via online analytical dashboards and video feeds 
  • Lower labor costs: Full automation helps to reduce labor costs – consistent, on-site labor is no longer an absolute requirement
  • Certified and licensed operators: Using the Opticlear® “Visual Verification and Remote Monitoring option, a trained, certified and licensed professional will guarantee optimal performance of your system at all times.    

Opticlear® Compatibility 

Have another automation system in your facility? Opticlear® is compatible with Allen Bradley and other major automation systems, acting as an extension of what they provide. Our analytical dashboards and video feeds not only show you what’s happening at the facility in real-time, we provide an in-depth perspective of the day-to-day operations, with insights you can use to make better business decisions. 


Guaranteed Performance 

Leveraging Aries Tek’s automation and standardization processes, we can guarantee cost savings and minimize risks. Become predictable by deploying Opticlear® and fine-tune operations without human management! 


• Usage Optimization
• Best Price
• Standardization
• Correct Application


• Usage Optimization
• Best Price
• Standardization
• Correct Application


• Engineering
• Management
• Systems


• Permit Management
• Ensured Compliance


• Daily Performance Reporting
• Corrective Action
• Centralized Access
• Centralized Storage


• Lowest Total Cost
• Risk Minimization
• Labor Optimization
• Capital Investment

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