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Aries Tek is a water treatment company that services boilers, cooling, potable water and waste water systems throughout the United States and Mexico.

Over a period of time, customer’s needs for specialized equipment resulted in Aries Tek moving into the design and construction of equipment such as dissolved air floatation units, settling clarifiers, inclined plate settlers, sludge dryers, reverse osmosis & ion exchange systems and filtration equipment (including filter presses) in addition to various chemical treatment programs. Eventually, demand required the company to design and install complete water treatment systems, to include process control and automation.

In addition to reducing costs, Aries Tek offers complete solutions to waste water problems. Aries Tek provides not only a chemical treatment program, but complete systems as well as custom designed equipment.

Aries Tek is not a manufacturer’s representative, but designs and builds their own equipment. Aries Tek equipment is not built based on a standard pattern. Each piece is uniquely designed for the individual customer. Aries Tek also designed a process control program to control chemical injection rates automatically. The systems range from a simple filter press to a completely automated process, containing several pieces of equipment, requiring minimal operator attention. Equipment is not only custom designed, but due to low overhead costs, it is competitively priced.

We are so confident in our processes and systems that we’re willing to extend a guarantee to our prospects and customers.

Yes, we said guarantee.

Aries Tek treats your business as if it were our own; from the beginning assessments and kick off stage, to day-to-day operations and beyond. Because of this, we are able to fully understand every aspect of your system’s specifications and requirements in order to design a system or make changes to meet regulation standards.

Armed with the in-depth knowledge of your system and needs, Aries Tek can guarantee results using our system, chemicals and processes. We get to know your system, and we know our products. And because of that, we know Aries Tek will be a winning partnership for you.

Aries Tek has the experience and technology to not only clean up water waste, but to also recycle industrial wastewater for irrigation, and even drinking water.

The goal for Aries Tek is to expand its technology offerings to a much wider international market. Aries Tek is open to working with companies world wide to improve water quality.

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VP of Engineering

30+ years in industrial engineering; wastewater treatment and equipment design, installation, and operations; PLC integration and control systems.


VP of Technology

30+ years in Industrial Manufacturing Water and Wastewater Operation and Management.


Business Development

25+ years in chemical and environmental management in Industrial Manufacturing.


VP of Automation and Controls

30+ years of automation and controls experience in heavy industry and industrial manufacturing.

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